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*Real Wedding* - C&W 26th May 2023

I met C & W at Forgan’s in St Andrews, I had never been to this venue before so did not know what to expect - I kept stalking the Forgan’s website to minimum so that I could get to know it in person. As I walked into the restaurant the potential of this venue was apparent and knew it leant itself to a quirky couple who wanted to step away from the traditional ways of doing things - including a traditional wedding venue. So when I met this very cool looking duo, the whole venue choice made sense. C&W introduced me to their day and as they spoke, it was clear they had planned a day for them - with small nods to the story of how they got together, ensuring the day included the things they enjoyed and making sure their dog made an appearance.

One of the main issues they had had whilst planning was sourcing a supplier to get chairs down to the beach. When they had mentioned this to me, I knew I could source chairs from one of the wonderful suppliers I know so thought this was something I could tick off their worry list. One key factor I was yet to be introduced to was the ceremony location and the logistics of getting chairs - or anything for that matter down to Earslferry beach. So after our meeting, we took a short drive from St Andrews to the beach, so that I could see the exact spot they wanted to make their vows. We met up again at the start of a ‘track’ which would then lead us about 250m down to the beach -UH OH now I understood that this was not going to be as straightforward as I had assumed. After attempting to call in a few favours, it was becoming clear that the logistics of this was going to be a tad too much and a new approach was needed! I remembered C&W mentioning that they loved the mismatched rug ‘look’ so I wondered whether going down a picnic blanket route would help with logistics whilst also giving them the look they wanted (my hours of looking at Pinterest and instagram to get inspiration had paid off!). After a quick phone call, they mentioned that they had also been thinking of other options so there we decided to go ahead with this plan and scrap the chairs.

On the day the weather gods were yet again on our side and was set to be absolutely glorious sunshine all day (the last wedding I had done had been super sunny as well so by this point I thought I must be a lucky charm - HA!). After leaving the ceremony the day then ran to C&W’s time - their day was filled with all the things they wanted whilst having fun with their friends and family - especially W’s 92 year old grandmother who had travelled from America to be there! Before Forgan’s they made sure to go and walk their beloved dog whilst taking some time out to themselves. Then after the meal they headed down to the beach started a fire and soaked up a wonderful sunset as newlyweds.

I loved being a part of this day simply because it was focused on the love too humans had for each other and nothing else.

Thank you C&W for letting me be a part of it!

Shout out to all the wonderful Suppliers:

Photographer: Siobhan Diamond

Florist: Blooming Bees

Hair & Make Up: Lauren Gilmour MUA

Venue & Catering: Forgan’s St Andrews


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