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Are Wedding Planners worth it?

When creating the budget for your wedding, you may not have put in a line for a Wedding Planner and this is totally understandable. Wedding Planners are often looked at as an unnecessary luxury and I am here to totally de-bunk that. It is true that there are some Wedding Planners out there who only specialise in full planning packages for celebs or A-listers or ones who plan only destination weddings, for example. But there are some - Pink Wellie included - that have various packages available to ensure you get expert help exactly where and when you need it. We know that planning a wedding can be stressful, more so if a) you aren’t able to pin down your vision for the day b) planning is maybe not your strong suit or c) you simply do not have the time to dedicate to planning because let’s face it life is busy. If you fall into any of these groups, then wouldn’t it be nice to think that there was a helping hand available?

Leaning on the experience of someone who has dedicated their career to Weddings, is a worthwhile investment for both peace of mind and avoiding unnecessary planning related stress. Also another point to highlight, is that one day all your planning will come to an end as the day has finally arrived and you have to take your planning hat off and put on your ‘To-be-wed’ one! Because let’s be honest here, you are getting married and there is absolutely no way you should be on hand to suppliers for on the day queries or having to discuss logistical options if you are running behind schedule. You owe it to yourself to dive into your wedding day, soak up all the wonderful moments you will have and only re-surface a few days later.

The above sound good? Well you’re in the right place because here at Pink Wellie we specialise in on-the-day coordination where the aim of the game is to make sure that every aspect of a Wedding day is covered and the day seamlessly unfolds without a hitch. This being said, we don’t just do on the day, we have 3 wonderful packages to choose from. You can take your pick with where you require assistance, or if none of them tick all the right boxes then we can tailor something that works perfectly for you.

So in short, Yes, Wedding Planners are 100% worth it.


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