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*REAL WEDDING* - S&A 13th May 2023

Shantel first contacted me… 5 weeks before the day…eek! We arranged a call to discuss the day she had planned or not planned in this instance and by the time we were ready to rock and roll I had only 4 weeks to plan her destination wedding. As worried as I was that we didn’t have a lot of time to play with, I knew that this was a great opportunity to put my years of planning to work along with calling upon some of my favourite suppliers to help make this day perfect.

Luckily for me and the bride a few of my chosen suppliers rearranged stuff in their diary so that they could be a part of this day or recommended some new wonderful suppliers I had not yet heard of. Shantel has an extremely busy job so a lot of the planning was wrapped up in a detailed email at the end of the day to say where we at and what decisions I needed to get the go ahead on. With two weeks to go we were well and truly in the groove and the day was pretty much there but surprisingly the ceremony location was proving tricky. Shantel had her heart set on getting married outside so we needed to find a location that allowed photography, flexibility (if it rained) and was absolutely beautiful all whilst being accessible for her mother who had limited mobility. Arguably one of the most important aspects of the overall day, I needed to get my thinking cap on and sort something out and FAST! After a few non runners, we kept coming back to the wonderful Holyrood Park, which had beautiful settings by the bucket load and was accessible - it ticked all the boxes! Plus it only felt fitting that their wedding should be within one of Edinburgh’s most beautiful landmarks, when they themselves were new to the wonderful city.

There we had it, with a week to spare we had the day planned; ceremony location, food, a whisky tasting (a must for the groom), and a Bartender to serve amazing cocktails late into the evening. A truly wonderful day with all the things Shantel & Andy wanted and nothing they didn’t. This was particularly important as all 12 of the guests had travelled all the way from America (most of them hadn’t even left the USA before!) - so it had to be fun, relaxed and memorable.

The day itself was probably one of the best sunny days Scotland has ever seen - the weather gods had obviously pulled out all the stops for Shantel & Andy. It was relaxed from start to finish with the whole party being a part of everything the day had to offer, along with soaking up all the happiness beaming from Shantel at all times - it was infectious!

Thank you Shantel & Andy for entrusting me with you destination wedding - it was one I will always remember! 🎉🎉🎉

Shout out to all the wonderful Suppliers:

Photographer: Rachel Hein

Celebrant: Fiona Flanagan

Florist: Lottie Longman - supplied the wonderful flowers for the Bride to DIY her own arrangements

Hair & Make Up: Caroline Stewart

Catering: Roots catering


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