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Do I need a wedding planner for a small wedding?

If you are planning a small wedding it is easy to lull yourself into thinking you can do everything. You have probably said to yourself “it’s okay there is only X amount of us, so I can just take care of that….and that…. and that… and oh don’t forget that as well”. This slippery slope only leads to you losing the excitement of getting married and instead find yourself bogged down by planning all the wedding logistics and anticipating keeping an eye on these on the day. Regardless of whether you are planning a wedding weekend extravaganza or a intimate ceremony with only your nearest and dearest, you still need someone on hand, keeping an eye on all those behind the scenes details so you can focus solely on marrying the love of your life.

You may also think that because your numbers are smaller, that some of your already chosen suppliers can keep an eye on things. Let me tell you now, from experience allow your suppliers to focus on their own area of expertise and avoid trying to ‘double up’ in order to save money. What I mean by this, is if you have caterer and think that they can keep an eye on the timings for the day as they are, by default ensuring the food is sent out on time the unfortunately that most of the time is not how it works nor is it the best option. The Caterer’s area is the food and drink and will not be focused on setting up the ceremony or laying the tables with all your chosen loveliness.

You do not notice when the day is unfolding without a hitch, but you definitely do see when things are not going to plan. I am a huge believer in that stress is contagious so if you saw some suppliers starting to fret, this can lead to you worrying that things are not in hand, and drawing your attention away from what is important. By choosing a Wedding Planner or On-the-day Coordinator, you are ensuring that someone is keeping an an eye on the whole day, both logistically and visually.

So even if you are a planning aficionado and have planned the intimate wedding of your dreams, you still owe it yourself to be the Bride/Groom on the day and pass on the coordinating and logistic side to someone else. The size of the wedding simply does not matter as the importance of the day is still the same and you deserve to enjoy the day to the fullest.


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