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FAQs - About

Where are you based?

I live in the beautiful Scottish Borders, with my husband and two boys. 

How did you get into Wedding Planning?

I started an Event Apprenticeship in 2013 at a restaurant in Edinburgh, I quickly found myself leaning towards event planning and the behind the scenes logistics.  I then looked to make my first proper step into the events world and landed a role as a Wedding & Event Coordinator at 5* Hotel in East Lothian. Here I was thrown in the deep end and organised, dealt with enquires and ran things on the day and absolutely loved it! 


The rest is pretty much history, my next few roles in one way or another focused around events and the various sides that come together to make an event. Through the years, I have grown in confidence and have mastered the art of organising an event, grown my reputation with suppliers and picked up a shed load of experience!

4 Venues later, 3 various supplier jobs and 9 years later I created my own Wedding planning business in October 2022 - Pink Wellie.

How many weddings have you worked on? 

Now this is a guesstimate as until Pink Wellie I never made a note of all the weddings and events I was a part of but looking back I am in the region of 300!

Why is it called 'Pink Wellie'?

Once I had made the decision to move on from my last role and I was working out my notice I was sitting at my desk daydreaming about starting my own wedding planning business. I looked over at my trusty pen holder (this pen holder had been with me for years and I always had it on my desk) and I knew I needed to call it Pink Wellie! 

What do you love about planning weddings?

I honestly don't know where to start with this one but I'll try and give and break it down:

  • Supporting people to create a wedding focused on those once in a lifetime moments

  • Offering advice about things you have seen and experienced in the past

  • The 'BUZZ' of a wedding!

  • Knowing you can keep calm in stressful situations to help an support those around you

  • Making all the spreadsheets!

  • Thinking outside the box - especially when supporting those to make their own traditions

  • Getting to know couples and their stories along with their nearest and dearest 

  • Taking a small seed of an idea and turning it into something wonderful!

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