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Event Packages 

Events come in all shapes and sizes, with varying goals, budgets, and requirements. There is no one size fits all package on offer here, rather the opportunity to tailor my expertise into the areas where you need it. With years of experience, both planning events and running the day itself, I have seen what is required for an event to run smoothly. Therefore, below you will see various bullet points outlining the help I can provide. Treat these bullet points as jigsaw pieces and your event as the completed puzzle. Use the pieces below to make your puzzle become whole. Whether you need help from start to finish, or just a little bit of guidance to get started, Pink Wellie is here to make your event one of a kind.

  • Initial chat through the event day ideas, goals and overall vision in order to create a clear and concise plan of the next steps 

  • Action Plan creation, including budget management, 'To Do' Lists, timelines & mood boards. 

  • Venue & supplier sourcing, comparison and negotiation. 

  • Present during venue show rounds and any supplier meetings either on your behalf or with you 

  • Keeping a track of your budget, to-do lists, key dates, timelines, guest list management, payments & much more!

  • Full venue vision board creation

  • Make contact with all suppliers to confirm all details & timings + completing a venue recce (dependant on location) or phone call with venue

  • Creation of schedule and timeline for the day 

  • Final planning meeting

  • Event 'Day Sheet' creation

  • Unlimited communication via calls, whatsapp or email with in person meetings as and when needed

  • On the day:

    • On the day coordination

    • Coordinating the set up of venues (+ rearranging props/items throughout the day as needed)

    • Ensuring floor plans and table set up is correct

    • Liaising with all suppliers as they arrive and ensuring all details are correct

    • Welcome guests and informing them of any necessary information 

    • Time management for you, the venue, guests and all suppliers

    • Discreet problem solving if needed 

    • Confirming playlists and specific songs are played at the correct times. 


Co-ordinating an event can seem a daunting task if a) you have never done it before and b) you don't have the time to dedicate to venue sourcing, looking into all the suppliers needed and keeping a track of your budget, to name but a few. For these reasons, hiring an event coordinator is definitely something you should look into! Mainly to take any potential planning stress away from you and allow you to enjoy the event you wish to host. It's also important to consider the relationships your event coordinator will have with venues, suppliers and other businesses who can have a positive impact on your event.

Events are not just limited to birthdays or anniversaries anymore, and you can host an event for pretty much whatever takes your fancy! For this reason, my event planning services are not limited to set packages so get in touch with whatever exciting occasion you are planning in Scotland.

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