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Intimate Weddings

If gathering numerous friends and family members for your wedding seems overwhelming - this one is for you! The joy of an intimate wedding is that it fits perfectly between a full blown elopement and a ‘traditional’ wedding. Eloping may feel too extreme and having none of your close ones present may be a big no-no for you, so this is where an intimate wedding comes into it’s own. The definition varies from couple to couple, but usually these weddings consist of 5-30 people.

Just because the guest list may be smaller, the level of detail certainly doesn't lessen so you still have the same choice of the three packages Pink Wellie offers: 'Give it some Wellie', 'Boots on the Ground' & 'Final Steps'


There are absolutely no rules when it comes to planning an elopement, for this reason it appeals to many as a much simpler more personable wedding day option. Elopements are all about focusing on the two of you within an intimate setting - that’s not to say you can’t bring a few witnesses along but the majority of elopements consist of the couple, a photographer, a celebrant, and a knock out location.


Similar to the ‘Give it some Wellie’ Wedding Planning package Pink Wellie can assist with all the planning and logistical details to facilitate a stress-free and seamless planning experience for your elopement.

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